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Our first season with self-produced video included the annual Smithtown Historical Society School Program, July's Living History at Gettysburg National Park, our Second Civil War Weekend at the Grange in Sayville, and the Civil War battle held at the Nassau County Museum of Art to support the exhibit of Mort Kuntsler's work

Mort Kuntsler Exhibit at Nassau County Museum of Art

Roslyn, NY

October 23, 2010

To promote the latest exhibit by noted Civil War artist, Mort Kuntsler, the 10th New York Cavalry organized a Living History and skirmish on the grounds of the Nassau County Museum of Art. A surreal site it was fighting amongst the abstract and obstructive modern art installations that littered the grounds.


Second Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange

Sayville, NY

September 25 - 26, 2010

Saturday morning in camp starting off with an interview of Finnean's Rainbow...the horse of Sergeant Tom Strong of 10th New York Cavalry. Also included is a visit to the Commissary and the 'Opening Ceremony' with a short parade including us, Company H of the 14th Brooklyn, Berdan's Sharpshooters, and the Confederates (9th and 30th Virginia).

Saturday's battle, life in Union Camp, and a performance by local musicians Dylan & Fairchild in our Chapel. If you watch the spectators during the battle carefully you can pick out future members Joe and Peter Forgione and Tom Crowley.

Sunday in camp with the First Sergeant (Dave Schnupp) training the Freshest fish followed by our battle.

For years, Reilly Smallwood, the faithful companion of the Grange's caretaker, Chip Smallwood, was our unofficial mascot who visited camp during our events. Sadly, Reilly passed away at the age of ten in early 2011. We will be hard pressed to ever find a better mascot.


Living History with the Mifflin Guard at Gettysburg National Park

Gettysburg, PA

July 3 - 4, 2010

On Saturday, we had no Ranger Walk planned however Colonel Washburn improvised and we marched up to the High Water Mark to get a feel for what it must have been like during the Confederate cannonade followed by Pickett's Charge.

From the High Water Mark, we marched right back down Cemetery Ridge to the field in front of the Minnesota Monument where we segued right into Battalion Drill, narrated by Colonel Washburn.

In front of the Virginia Monument on Seminary Ridge there is a station with a placard describing how Pickett's Charge kicked off from the same spot on the third day of battle. Little known much less found by tourists is the recording that plays from the speaker built into the accompanying bench.

Those willing to conquer the steel stairs that is Longstreet's Tower on Seminary Ridge will be rewarded with a clear view of much of the battlefield from Cemetery Hill in the north to the Round Tops in the south. Best viewed in the late afternoon or evening when the sun is hitting the ground just right.

Hobby legend has it that no camera functions properly in the overly haunted Devil's Den but this camera delivered the goods with not a flicker, flash, floating orb, or other ectoplasmic display in sight. If you find something in this clip, please let us know (since we own the rights).

Here is a leisurely evening walk from Meade's Monument near the High Water Mark on Cemetery Ridge down the gentle eastern slope to the Leister's House which was used by Union Command as their Headquarters.


Educational Program at Smithtown Historical Society

Smithtown, NY

May 21, 2010

For one of our first videos, we captured one of the 10th New York Cavalry's demonstrations, this one taking place at the annual Smithtown Historical Society's school program. Their commander, Bill Uhlinger, narrates three of his horsemen through the presentation. Sadly, Bill was taken from us in October 2011... this video is dedicated to his memory.