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We started off with great weather at the Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Day Parade. With Neshaminy canceled this year, we held our April meeting where our new Ordnance Sergeant (Bill Hohnhorst) gave a lesson on musket cleaning. At the start of May, we returned to Bald Hill Schoolhouse with our Confederate brethren for the second time. And the climax of the season was the Gettysburg 155 event...streching over four days and three nights, we sent well over 20 members for a wonderful weekend with hot yet superb weather for such an occasion. In August, we joined our local friends in putting together a Civil War Living History on the Great Lawn of Westhampton Beach. We captured a lot of action at 'GRANGE X', our 10th time hosting the annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange. This year's sojourn to Remembrance Day in Gettysburg was notable for being a white one with lots of snow on the ground. And we wrapped up the holidays with an even bigger production of George's Civil War Christmas at St. John's Episcopal Church.

2nd Annual Civil War Christmas at St. John's Episcopal Church

Oakdale, NY

December 15, 2018

We joined George Munkenbeck once again at his period Christmas celebration that included his service plus plenty of live music.


Remembrance Day

Gettysburg, PA

November 16 - 18, 2018

This clip includes Ron Ottone's Friday tour on East Cemetery Hill, our Saturday morning ceremony on Culp's Hill, us marching in the parade, and Lumpy (Max Rowland) entertaining us at our dinners this weekend.


10th Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange

Sayville, NY

September 15 - 16, 2018

The Official Company video of our 10th Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange.

Civil War at the Grange - Drummer Boy
This is the first of five videos for this event that were shot by over videographer Superfan, Chris Lauterbach. In his own words... 'This short video is about the Making of a Drummer Boy. I noticed this year the regiment's drummer had been promoted to the ranks, and was training a new drummer. Watch him go through his paces, and then sounds the cadence into battle.'

'Civil War at the Grange - Rifle Firing Demo'
(Chris Lauterbach) 'The 10th Annual Civil War At the Grange was about lots of pieces making up the whole. Instruction, demonstrations, skirmishes, battles, lifestyle, etc. This is the demonstration of what it took to fire a Civil War rifle or musket.'

'Civil War at the Grange - Cannons'
(Chris Lauterbach) 'The 10th Annual Civil War At the Grange was about lots of pieces making up the whole. Instruction, demonstrations, skirmishes, battles, lifestyle, etc. These are demonstrations from The 6th New York Independent Battery and Lee's Light Artillery.'

'Civil War at the Grange - Doin's in the Confederate Camp'
(Chris Lauterbach) 'Visit the Confederate Camp with me. See what's doin', cookin', playin'...'

'Civil War at the Grange - Skirmishes and Battles'
(Chris Lauterbach) 'This is the compilation of two skirmishes that took place plus the day's major battle. The skirmishes each year are never announced. You have to be tipped off in advance or just be in the right place at the right time. The spectator area for the main battle was closer to the Union side this year. The narration takes place by the spectator area. This year both sides were equipped with cannon, so the 'BOOMS' were louder. The clash between the North and the South was partially staged and partially random which made for a great show. It always allows for some ad-libing on both sides. Late in the battle. if you look closely you'll see a Confederate charge that didn't come off quite as planned/ad-libed.'


Living History at Westhampton Beach Historical Society

Westhampton Beach, NY

August 4, 2018

Footage from the Civil War event held on the Great Lawn at Westhampton Beach. We were joined by the Confederates, Artillery, and the Cavalry



Gettysburg, PA

July 5 - 8, 2018

Attack That Stone Wall!
Saturday evening's battle scenario was Attack That Stone Wall (Anderson attacks the Federal Center). Our own Private Alexio Barboza led our battalion, the 2nd Federal Rifles, marching into battle playing the bagpipes.

Sunday Dress Parade
The 2nd Federal Rifles holding Dress Parade on the Sunday morning of Gettysburg 155. Our 67th NY as Second Company.

Pickett's Charge!
The Grand Finale of every Gettysburg reenactment... Pickett's Charge!

GETTYSBURG 155 - Full Length Director's Cut
Here it is... all 95 minutes worth of the Gettysburg 155 experience including the previously uploaded clips of Attack That Stone Wall, Sunday Dress Parade, and Pickett's Charge mixed in with various scenes of everyday camp life.


Bald Hill Schoolhouse

Farmingville, NY

May 5, 2018

The trilogy of videos for this event were shot by one of our Superfans, Chris Lauterbach. In his own words... 'The 2018 Annual Civil War encampment at the Bald Hill School House demonstrated many things that were part of a soldier's camp life of. That included drills, manual or arms. marching, firing muskets. It showed how they cooked, what were some of the things they ate, how the uniforms differed. At the end of the day there was even a skirmish between Union and Confederate troops. Units included: 67th NY Co. K. 9th VA Infantry Co. C, and 30th VA infantry Co. B.'

'Bald Hill School House Civil War - Combined Unit Drill

'The Battle of Bald Hill Schoolhouse'


April Meeting & Drill at the Grange

Sayville, NY

April 29, 2018

At the end of our monthly meeting, Ordnance Sgt. William Hohnhorst gave a short less on cleaning the musket.


Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Day Parade

Westhampton Beach, NY

March 10, 2018

We kicked off our 21st season with our annual march in the Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Day parade on the eastern end of Long Island. Our friends in the 9th Virginia joined us and this footage was taken by one of our youngest members, Dean Badamo.