Mort Kuntsler Exhibit
Nassau County Museum of Art

Roslyn, NY

October 23, 2010

Four years after our first visit we returned to the Nassau County Museum of Art along with most of the local Civil War living history community to support Mort Kuntsler's latest exhibit. Mr. Kuntsler wasn't there himself however his works filled most of the museum's walls and the splendid fall weather drew a decent crowd. Unlike our last visit we were able to execute a decent battle scenario for the public narrated by Capt Ray Pickett of the 57th VA. Once agian, the modern art installations around the museum's extensive grounds made for some surreal imagery but none more striking (disturbing?) than the polychromatic piece hovering ominously over the Union Camp. Is it Art? You decide...

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Are we on acid? WHAT THE...? Chris & Kent A School of Fish on the green for some drill Fixing Bayonets Unaware of the danger the 10th NY Cavalry Captain John Hewitt The Officers meet at 0100 hours General A.P. Hill NOT an obstacle course Confederates drilling the 9th Virginia Moonlight and Magnolias The Sons of Union Veterans Pvt Clarke chatting Sherman's March An artillery piece Fresh Fish Tom Crowley Mr. Hutton