Delhi Civil War Event

Delhi, NY

June 22 - 23, 2024

At the invite of the 118th NY, we drove north this time for our first visit to their homebase, the Delaware Historical Society located in Delhi NY in the Catskills. This was also the first battalion event for the newly formed Army of the Rappahannock (ARRA) headed by Colonel Chuck Young. We received superb hospitality from our hosts (including two meals) and fought two battles on Saturday and one on Sunday. On Sunday morning, we held our first Battalion Drill as the ARRA. Just our luck the trip would coincide with a suffocating heatwave yet we managed to get through the weekend without any casualties.

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Evening Early Saturday morning our Company Street front and center the morning report camp inspections Our littlest member Battalion Dress Parade breaking the fourth wall Inspection Arms bestowing Corporal Stripes Presenting Arms the rhythm section Seeing the Elephant Misty Mountain backdrop our Company The view from the Commissary Officers meeting canteen detail the Slumming Lieutenant Stacked Arms Privates Barboza & Frank dropped the sack coats The Confederate Artillery