Monthly Drill at the Grange

Sayville, NY

October 30, 2016

Our 2016 was cursed with terrible weather that almost always fell on our drill Sundays at the end of each month however for October we received a reprieve from Mother Nature and drilled for well over an hour. We sorely needed the practice for Providence has sent us a wave of Fresh Fresh not seen since the 'New Wave' crashed upon our shore in 2010-2011 (that included our current Lieutenant and V.P., Thomas Demaria). Thanks to our inventory of loaner gear, we suited and accoutered no less than eight new recruits and got them through the basics without hurting themselves or others. Hopefully, most will stick around and carry the Hobby forward into the future.

Thanks to Jack Luchsinger for shooting the video and stills


2nd to 1st Right Shoulder Shift Support Arms Present Arms A Single Profile Order Arms In Place Rest Counting Off One! Two! One! Right Face! Left Face! Forming in Two Ranks Splitting off into seperate platoons Mike in Charge A Senior Moment Mike's Platoon Reunited