The Battle of Gettysburg

Gettysburg, PA

July 3 - 5, 1998

Also from our July 1998 newsletter...

From the Office of the President... "Our first major event as a new unit was a huge success and I want to thank all of you for a job well done. The 135th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg was the largest event I have ever attended. In all my years a a historian/reenactor, I have never seen that many people come together in one place. I think the proper term is "massive". Word has it that there were between 28,000 to 30,000 reenactors there.

The 110the PA was a great bunch of fellows and we did well together as a Company. Falling in with the Mifflin Guard was surely a breath of fresh air. Our knowledge and drill really paid off. Two situations occurred on Saturday's battle when our company refused the line flawlessly as the Rebs tried to flank us. Failing the first time, they again tried to flank us with a larger force. I advised the Lt. Colonel of our battalion, and seeing what we did the first time, ordered us again to refuse the line. This time with two companies and once again stopping the Rebels flanking movement.

The second was breaking files to the rear to form a column of divisions and then back to a battalion front. Oh, how can I forget the attack on our flank by Rebel cavalry as we advanced on their infantry, All I heard was "Capt! Rebel Cavalry!" I turned, saw them coming and hit the ground as you boys raked them with oblique firing. It was great! Talk about a well oiled machine. You did it without orders, natural reflex, as you have done it hundreds of times before. Outstanding!!!... Respectfully, Joe Bilardello A.K.A. Peter Moriarty

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Artillery opens up Artillery opens up Artillery opens up Pvt. Collins Waiting... At the stone wall... Captain Moriarty Pvt. Scarpati Pvt O'Reilly General Hancock Cpl O'Brien Waiting our turn... Waiting our turn... Getting within sights The heat works up Rear rank... FIRE! Pickett's Charge The Rebs charge They're coming over the wall! One last, desperate charge the High tide of the Confederacy ebbs into history The Fighting 67th