The Battle of Gettysburg

Gettysburg, PA

July 3 - 5, 1998

A review of Gettysburg 135 in our July 1998 Newsletter...

"Well Boys, it appears we all died and went to heaven!!! Spectacular! Unbelievable! Incredible! Close to 30,000 reenactors. We took the ultimate time travel and lived the battle.

The battles were nothing less than spectacular, and the scenarios were historically correct. Friday, we were fortunate to witness one of three Confederate Divisions (5,000 strong) march through our camp as we were forming. Horse drawn artillery, supply wagons, hospital wagons, and General Lee & Staff. It took an hour, but it seemed like only minutes. Falling in with the Mifflin Guard was a wonderful experience, not only for the fact that they made us feel right at home, but also, we found out that they allow the Colonel to use his forces at his discretion. We fought long and hard on Saturday and performed many defensive maneuvers. Things we have never done before. Pickett's Charge on Sunday was THE REAL DEAL. The sight of 15,000 Union rifles pouring a deadly fire into the charge Confederates and witnessing the rebel carnage brought tears to many eyes. Except for some %$#& French Union reenactor who shot a live pistol round at a Confederate reenactor, the event was the BEST. The police arrested the suspect within days, a credit to how organized our hobby is. A Great Event! A once in a Lifetime Thrill. Thanks to all the boys that came out. You all did an excellent job!!!, Sgt. Robert McKay (Bob Angelo)"

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