Educational Program
Northport Middle School

Northport, NY

May 24, 2022

After four years, we returned to Northport Middle School thanks to Frank Bradford's Boots & Saddles Production. We were joined by the 30th Virginia (Confederate Infantry), the 6th NY Independent Battery (Artillery), Miss Diane's period cooking, plus period music (including our Lumpy). Fortunately, we had perfect weather for this outing and the Grand Finale for the morning and afternoon included a Cavalry demonstration followed by a trio of artilery blasts from Jeffrey Cohen's genuine Civil War Napoleon cannon.

Federal Infantry camp At the Period Music station a one-man show for today If you were unclear Frank's new steed, Chase Miss Diane The 6th NY Independent Battery Members of the 6th NY The Master Blaster Confederate Infantry the Main Attraction Lieutenant Kent with his mannequin Showing the 'heel plates' the soldier's uniform Pvt. McKay the soldier's rations the soldier's musket A view from backstage only 15 minutes playing field music Lumpy awaiting Our host The Cavalry demo the Grand Finale!