Educational Program
East Brentwood Middle School

Brentwood, NY

June 7, 2022

For our third school problem of the season, the 67th NY made it's first appearance at East Brentwood Middle School as part of Frank Bradford's Civil War 'Combo Platter' under his Boots & Productions. We joined the 30th Virginia, Miss Diane's cooking demo, the 6th NY Independent Battery, Period & Field Music, and Frank's Cavalry demo in giving 15 minute lessons each at our various stations. At the end of the morning and afternoon sessions, the infantry, cavarly, and artillery all demonstrated firing of their respective weapons much to the pleasure of our young audience.

Private McKay's meticulous station Pvt. McKay Our neighbor, Miss Diane The Lieutenant inducting Our National flying solo giving an intro Lunch time with Lumpy! Cold Chase Our Muster in Federal Camp The Ordnance Sergeant's workstation commissary display Guidons of the 10th NY Cavalry Frank Bradford's Cavalry demo the 30th Virginia