Remembrance Day: Part I

Gettysburg, PA

November 20 - 21, 2020

With the pandemic restricting many of us, the 67th NY still had four men present in Gettysburg on Remembrance Day weekend to keep our tradition of perfect attendance unbroken. Helping our small contingent were several members of the 6th NY Independent Battery. On Friday, we toured the Wheatfield area including the monument to the 64th NY Infantry. On Saturday morning, we held our dual ceremonies for the 67th NY and 65th NY. Later that afternoon, we toured the vicinity of the Bliss Barn near the High Water Mark. And on Sunday morning, we returned the favor in helping the 6th NY Independent with the ceremony at their monument on Tanneytown Road.

Visiting Rose Woods One of the Fallen the 64th NY Our tradition remains unbroken Pvt. McKay Cpl. Regan helping to fill out the ranks speaking at our monument MUSTER ROLL One of the tourists the Manual of Arms Next Stop presenting the wreath saying a few words the 67th NY reenlisted the High Water Mark Artillery Chat Sunday Morning The Brinkmans Jeff Cohen Mission Complete