Remembrance Day: Part II
Ceremony for General Regis de Trobriand
at St. Anne's Cemetery

Sayville, NY

November 22, 2020

As the pandemic prevented many of us traveling to Gettysburg this Remembrance Day weekend, we decided to hold a local ceremony to commemorate the date. Several of us returned to the gravesite of General Regis DeTrobriand in St. Anne's cemetery in Sayville, NY. A French emigre, the General was the leader of the 38th and 55th New York Volunteer Infantry units and played a pivotal role at the Battle of Gettysburg as a Brigade Commander, hence the link to Remembrance Day. With the assistance of Chaplain George Munkenbeck of Co. H, 14th Brooklyn, we conducted a service, spoke of the General's sacrifice and legacy, presented flowers and a small flag at his grave, and ended fittingly with our musician, Lumpy, playing 'Nearer My God to Thee'.

The General's grave The Grand Army of the Republic marker Readying ourselves All photography provided by In one rank Through the cemetery gates Assebling at the grave the Champlain's prayer Speaks of the General's role adding to the story Nearer My God to Thee Presenting Arms concluding our humble honors Muster Roll Marching out in cadence flowers and a small flag