Finding Our Flags
Parts 1 & 2
Plymouth Church

Brooklyn, NY

February 15, 2015 & April 27, 2019

PART TWO: Four years later... on April 27, 2019, we returned to Plymouth Church at the invitation of their new Director of History Ministry, Gary Bartholomaus (Lois Rosenbrooks having since retired in 2016). Tom Demaria, Justin Parker, & Max Kenny returned along with Dan Blander and Scott McKendrick (our two color sergeants). This time, we were allowed to open the case for closer examination. We took the flags down to the gymnasium floor to photograph and film. We found two guidons, one National, & one Regimental, that are most likely post-war flags made by the Veterans of the original regiment. We photographed them but did not unfurl as their condition is fragile to say the least. We are working with Plymouth Church in the hopes of one day restoring & preserving the flags. So stay tuned!

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Four Years Later... A lot of empty poles Gloves required Some things intact Justin with one of the Guidons Scott McKendrick holding the other Guidon Holder still on! Gary Bartholomaus A closeup of the damage of time Colors giving it away silk confetti Muster Roll Putting them back Sealing the case Spring Glory in the courtyard