Finding Our Flags
Parts 1 & 2
Plymouth Church

Brooklyn, NY

February 15, 2015 & April 27, 2019

PART ONE: At the start of 2015, Lois Rosenbrooks, the Director of the History Ministry at Plymouth Church, informed us that they had discovered a sealed, glass case tucked in the eve of the upper floor of their gymnasium. A sign pasted to the inside of the case, clearly stated these were the flags of the Original First Long Island! Given that Henry Ward Beecher himself financed the creation of the Original First Long Island, it made sense that the Veterans might return the flags to Plymouth Church. Indeed, the placard said they were presented to the Church in 1911. How they wound up in such a remote corner of the property, behind their thrift store, remains a mystery. Lois invited us to examine them so on February 15th, members Tom Demaria, Will Demaria, Justin Parker, and Max Kenny drove in to inspect. We were unable to open the case and it was clear they were in no shape to be examined by amateurs. We took some photos and video and left it to the church to hire a professional for an inspection. In March that year, a local antiquities dealer was able to unfurl two banners but the two other large flags and two guidons were left untouched given their condition.

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FOUND!!! the Long Island banner Lois and Tom Two flags unfurled the post-war Veterans Association National and Regimental appeared to be guidon flags Ms. Rosenbrooks with the inscription It reads...