New York Historical Society

New York, NY

April 10, 2016

For our fourth appearance at the New York Historical Society, the 67th NY was not supporting a Civil War exhibit however we handled a considerable amount of crowds due to some others, including one on child author Mo Willems whose cartoons were scattered amongst our camp including, appropriately enough, an elephant. We had two new Fresh Fish 'See the Elephant' on this their first event in uniform and together with a couple of guests we fifteeen men present.

The Boyle Brothers First Call Avoiding Falls Breveted Corporal our Grand National Spying from above Only in New York Fresh Fish Holy Anachronism! Cyber Sergeant Private Pellegrino City Ringer Your Correspondent Our 'Senior' Drummer Boy Alec and Mike 78th and CPW Hark! Who Goes There? Our 'Junior' Drummer Boy The Sergeants Drilling some young recruits Our First Sarge Ken and Mike George Washington Speight See the Elephant! MUSTER ROLL Posing with Abe