27th Annual Civil War Reenactment at Neshaminy State Park

Bensalem, PA

April 23, 2016

Our men performed admirably at the Neshaminy reenactment on Saturday led by Company Commander 1st Lt. Kurt from the 141st Pa. The fortitude of the 67th in persevering during an extended battalion drill while the morning rain blanketed us and their courage in routing the Rebels in several battle scenarios merit special commendation. Our battle maneuvers required us to traverse several treacherous fields littered with fallen trees hidden in the overgrown grass and up steep inclines. Nevertheless the 67th managed to roll the retreating Confederate line twice forcing their surrender.

This trip to Neshaminy was also a milestone in our regimental history...
Every one of the fifteen volunteers this day has been with us for five years or less...
A true changing of the guard

Special thanks to Eric Seaman for serving as our photographer

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Forming up in the parking lot 1st Lieutenant Kurt D. Lafy of the 141st PA Duck Walk the Company Street Off to Drill Alec and Will Captain Eller Column of Fours id= Support Arms Dress Parade Company Drill I know you The Valet His First Time Dan's other barrel Deigan Takes Over Fresh Fish Battle of the Parking Lot Getting ready Inspection Arms Live Wire