The Battle of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania

Spotsylvania, VA

May 3 - 4, 2014

Highlights of this 150th Anniversary of Spotsylvania/Wilderness involved invigorating tactical maneuvers up, down, and around the forested hills near our camp and the storming of the muddy Rebel breast works following an emboldened dash across a knee high grassy field. On the second day, our assault of this Confederate clay bulwark resulted in a heroic struggle to protect the flag of the 69th Pennsylvania from a rapacious Rebel officer. We proudly rallied around a courageous Private from our beloved 67th New York Regiment and emerged victorious.

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Saturday's Tactical North Carolinians Nameless Private Ambushed by Texans Bandages or Helmut? Marching back to camp Splitting Wood Fetching breakfast Our cook the casualty Our Company street Other side of the Company street The canvas abode of Private Kane Our Commissary table Breakfast under construction First Sergeant Foley The Civil War Historymobile Stacked arms Union Camp Heading into Battle General Grant and his staff