Living History at Maple Grove Cemetery

Kew Gardens, NY

June 8, 2014

Maple Grove Cemetery in Kew Gardens is the final resting place for dozens of Civil War veterans including at least two Medal of Honor winners. To highlight the cemetery's connection to the Civil War, Mr. Carl Ballenas of the Friends of Maple Grove Cemetery invited us to perform a Sunday Living History. We had spectacular weather, a prime shaded spot, and a constant stream of curious crowds that kept us busy all day and yielded a substantial pile of donations that were donated to the Civil War Trust. The 67th NY, First Long Island would like to thank those visitors for their generosity and for the incredibile photographic contributions from 5BoroExploration , Mr. Nick Biondo , and ShadesOfSepia.



Our Hosts Calling in the Pickets Dropping Ramrod Inspection Arms Secure Arms Port Arms Tearing Cartridge Priming Aiming at Elevation Charge Bayonets! Private Centilore Tom and Mike Ambrose Arnold The Sgt. Major's telegraph the Corporal Private Clarke Our Freshest Fish Playing the Concertina Sgt. Major O'Reilly The Second Demo Elevating Fire Sean with the Grand National Rest on Arms Capping Off Mike's Display