The Battle of the Cedar Creek

Middletown, VA

October 18 - 19, 2014

The battle scenario on Saturday was based on the Battle of Winchester. The sky became menacing this afternoon with clumps of black clouds drifting across the horizon. Our position behind the hill screened us from the Confederates. Our plan involved a sudden surprise assault on the center of their line, which would target their “Achilles heel” and separate their battlefront in two. The quickness of our pace and the number of Union soldiers suddenly appearing in front of them from the behind the hill, caused the Reb line at their apex of their formation to break and run. Elated because of our rout of the enemy, we proudly marched back into camp and settled in for the evening.

On Sunday we reenacted the Battle of Cedar Creek. In keeping with the history of this battle, we did not know for sure when and where the Rebel’s would attack our camp. Colonel Young asked that the 69th and 67th perform the honorary duty of delaying the enemy so that the battalion could regroup on the other side of the ridge. We braced for the onslaught and fired several rounds before quickly retreating several hundred yards across the ridgeline where we quickly formed with the rest of the 67th. We defiantly fired and retreated repeatedly through the slopping and rocky fields until we found ourselves with a dried out creek at our backs. Our retreat carried us past the Heater House, though a graveyard and up a hill where our artillery bombarded the Rebels. Brig. General Darrell N. Markijohn imitated the gallant inspirational ride of General Philip Sheridan on Rienzi by galloping back in forth of our ranks. Colonel Young then positioned himself in front of us and the 69th Pa and ordered us forward. We sprinted down the hill with the Captain at our side, causing the Rebels to retreat or surrender. This battle was quite a workout. 'Tuckered out' looks adorned many faces. Bugles then sounded and we 'uncovered' paying homage to the many brave men who died at the Battle of Cedar Creek 150 years ago.

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150 years in the making Will at Dawn Our National Pvt. Deigan practicing Dress Parade General Markijon Stacked Arms Horse Soldiers passing by our camp Flags of our Brigade Alec practicing Flag of the 6th Corps Calvert Arms Fife & Drum Corp Another Dress Parade Future Living Historians Major Golding One of Many Marching en Mass Full Metal Jacket Riding high in the stirrups A detachment of Cavalry Cavalry front, Infantry back Calvert Arms Fife & Drum Corp Sam Grant Our Company