Official Opening
of Gettysburg NPS Visitor Center

Gettysburg, PA

September 26 - 28, 2008

The Mifflin Guard was tapped with the honor of assisting in the official opening of the New Gettysburg NP Visitor Center the last weekend of September. Although open to the public since the Spring, this weekend the newly restored Cyclorama would make its debut and we all agreed it was well worth the money, time, and effort spent. Friday was the main ceremony that included many a prominent speaker plus a riveting performance by Stephen Lang, an actor quite familiar with our hobby. Then we established our camp as we usually do for our annual Living Histories right in back of the Pennsylvania Monument...

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the rain subsided long enough waiting outside until our cue packed to capacity the Color Guard speakers included... Stephen Lang Pvt Avellino Our Darlin' Corporal The skies never got any brighter The usual suspects Our humble company street Second Company Browne & David MUSTER ROLL Your Correspondent one of the displays the restored Cyclorama Facing south lighting, sound, and narration the 97th Regimental Band Dress Parade