5th Annual Smithtown Historical Society
Civil War Program

Smithtown, NY

May 16 - 18, 2008

For the third straight year Mother Nature rained down on Friday's school program. Despite the inclement weather we along with the 119th NY, the Rebels (9th, 30th, and 57th Virginia), the 10th NY Cavalry, and 'Doctor' Mike Callaghan entertained over 900 kids from all over Long Island. This year the 67th NY divided its forces in the face of superior numbers with three inside the Brush Barn and the remainder outside in camp. Private Lenihan (EJ Kuhlmann) and Sergeant Marshall (Dave Schnupp) stayed in camp all weekend until Sunday morning when the rest of returned for the Living History program open for the general public. We joined the 9th and 30th Virginia for a skirmish demonstration at midday that was soon followed by yet more rain. Will 2009 finally break this streak of lousy weather? Stay tuned...

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prays for Absolution Sharing the Brush Barn before the downpour Confederates Captain Hewitt the 7th Louisiana Coming in from the rain the frightful onslaught Secure Arms period poncho What's in the box?! the 10th New York Cavalry Last men standing on Friday our tattered Regimental Pvt Purcell cleaning his weapon Mr. Phelps lighting up SUNDAY'S MUSTER ROLL Lining up for some drill opens the ranks for inspection Our Guest Corporal Practicing Secure Arms unsuccessfully attempt to procure horses