Educational Program
Lakeside Levy Elementary School

Merrick, NY

April 7, 2008

We kicked off our school programs with a return to Merrick's Lakeside Levy Elementary School after a three-year absence. It was a cold gray April morning and that made for many eager volunteers willing to don the woolens for the Lincoln Fashion Show. We also had an unusual spectator... the local press. Reporter Scott Brinton asked some questions and snapped some pictures for an article published in the Merrick Herald (April 10-16, 2008)

introductions a raw spring morning the Greatcoat the wide-brimmed Slouch hat a full pack No smiling in the ranks! the soldiers' tents paper cartridges how the firing cap sets off the powder shoulder arms Handling the cartridge The Rammer Priming the musket Ready, Aim, and FIRE!!! Charge BAYONETS!!! save the best for last Anyone have any questions? Giving a salute