1st Civil War Fair

Lindenhurst, NY

March 29, 2008

Our Private Jamieson (David Brink) came up with the idea of holdilng a Civil War Fair that would raise money for the Civil War Preservation Trust. A year in the making, we managed to sign on most everyone from the local Living History community including the Sons of Union Veterans, the Daughters of Union Veterans, our Confederate pards in the 9th Virginia and 30th Virginia Infantry, local historian Robert Farrell, along with the impressive collection of Mr. Dave Goliger. Our own Pvt Lenihan (EJ Kuhlmann) sold his flags while Sgt Casey (Tom Johansen) and Cpl Jones (Bruce Weidenburner) peddled their period boxes. Tables were set up under the roof of the Lindenhurst Fireman's Hall however outside both Yanks and Rebels established dueling encampments for the general public to inspect. This being the first time our expectations were modest however we ended the day with a profit of $296.00 that we donated to battlefield preservation. Hopefully, with a little more advertising, next year's Fair will raise the public's consciousness even more in addition to increasing the amount of donations.

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we spared NO expense Dennis and TJ One of the many displays Camp 544 NY Daughters of Union Veterans the impressive collection of Dave Goliger Kent Howell 9th and 30th VA Meanwhile... outside, right shoulder shift rival encampment a spot of drill a better view of the National Confederate Camp Rebel drill the Confederate commissary Our Veterans Brave and Noble a familiar visitor Color Sergeant inventory of flags inventory of flags