10th Anniversary Celebration
1997 - 2007
Remembrance Day

Gettysburg, PA

November 15 - 17, 2007

This year's Remembrance Day coincided with our regiment's 10 year anniversary. Surviving a full decade of Living History deserved something special so after the ceremony in the Cemetery, paying our respects on Culp's Hill, and marching down Baltimore Street in the parade, we had a period group photo taken in town and closed out the night with a grand Civil War Ball at the Carroll Valley's ballroom in Fairfield. We had our greatest attendance ever...sixteen men on our Muster Roll this year. Plus we had plenty of special guests with us in the evening including several members of the 61st NY, Lt Colonel David, and Colonel Washburn of the Mifflin Guard. This Day will certainly be a tough act to follow...

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Autumn's splendor East Cemetery Hill General Hancock General Reynolds Standing on Steinwehr the Lutheran Seminary Gettysburg College Second Fire Zouaves the 118th Pennsylvania Great South Mountain Pennsylvania's long shadow Cashtown Inn the Farnswoth House our traditional planting of the flags Your Correspondent Jamieson and Jones Colonel Washburn Hutton and Kuntz Farr & O'Brien Our work is done The Chaplain for the 125th New York A Vast Sea of Colors Lieutenant Bill Johnson A salute Presenting Arms the President yields the stage in honor of our fallen comrade