Smithtown Heritage Festival

Smithtown, NY

September 18, 2005

The Smithtown Historical Society invited the local Civil War living history community once again for their annual Heritage Fall Festival. The 119th NY and 14th Brooklyn shared a decent sized green with ourselves for drilling but we faced stiff competition from other diversions on the grounds: folk musicians, buggy rides, old-time baseball, not to mention rival re-enactors from the Revolutionary War and WWII. On this day, we met a local Civil War historian and bid farewell to an Old Soldier.

Possible Volunteers Our Cookie The Brothers Farr A recent returnee to the ranks line up for drill Present Arms Captain Mark Adler Dropping the hostility Our Muster Roll Robert Farrell The neighboring 119th NY Some of the lads go astray The competition On the other side of 19th century Our humble company street Idle Banter Farewell