139th Anniversary
of the Battle of Cedar Creek

Middletown, VA

October 17 - 19, 2003

From our November 2003 Newsletter... "Another Cedar Creek event has passed and this event turned out to be probably one of the best. Other than a small rain shower on Friday evening, the weather for the remainder of the event was superb. As always, the Sunday battle was great as we got our turn to push the Rebs all over the field. On Saturday, as usual, it was the Rebs turn to kick our butts, but they did it in grand style...Brian kept the company well fed as always and then some. Many thanks to everyone that helped out during the event. Well done, Brian!"

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We arrived WAY too early the eponymous creek Private Casey Joe with Joe The day breaks in camp Coffee around the Campfire Your Correspondent's first morning TJ Sittin' Having a Laugh Under the Captain's Fly Our Brothers in Arms Snackman having a snooze Lining Up Your Correspondent getting into position TJ making a new friend