Andersonville Prison

Andersonville, GA

February 1 - 2, 2003

Still traveling through enemy territory, Your Correspondent ventured deep into Georgia to visit Andersonville Prison. Unfortunately, not many make the trip given its remote location however for those willing, a visit to the camp, and adjoining cemetery containing 12,000 Union prisoners, drives home better the enormity of the War's suffering than probably any battlefield. Given the unfortunate coincidence of the Columbia disaster, the visit could not have been more funereal in mood.

The prisoners' shebangs Michigan Monument reconstructed Stockade with North Gate and Deadline Providence Spring Reflecting Pool All there is Stockade and Deadline Taken from the center of camp Stockade and Deadline Your Correspondent Feeble shields Illinois Monument Over 12,000 graves New York Monument the Infamous Raiders Pvt. Gideon Walcott Grave of George F. Kuhn Like rows of teeth... Pennsylvania Monument Minnesota Monument Pvt. Phillip Dwyer In multiple ranks shoulder to shoulder Wisconsin Monument The actual town of Andersonville Henry Wirz Downtown Andersonville