Babylon Memorial Grade School

Babylon, NY

April 21, 1998

For one of the very first school programs, three of our members: Fred Sayles, Robert Bachman, & John Warren, performed at Babylon Memorial Grade School on Long Island.

A report from Bob Bachman our June 1998 Newsletter, "We arrive around 7:30am and found the assistant Principle. He explained to us that all his 5th graders would be coming out at the same time, approximately 150 students. Our encampment consisted of two dog tents, one shebang, and a fire. We almost finished setting up when the group came out at 8:45am. With a large group of kids it was hard for everyone to hear us. So the Principle brought out a speaker and hooked me up to a portable microphone. After our presentation, I had John and Fred do some Manual of Arms followed by bayonet Drill. Then we asked everyone to get a closer look at our camp. Well, we felt like Union Soldiers at Cedar Creek being overrun by Confederates. By 10:45am the Rebels were back in their classes and we sat down to eat Fred's stew which was heating up by the fire. After eating Fred's tasty stew, we broke camp and were on our way by noon."

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