The Mifflin Guard School of the Soldier
Kingston Armory, Wilkes-Barre PA
March 5, 2005

Our annual drill inside the Kingston Armory fortuitously coincided with the arrival home of the 109th PA Field Artillery. This National Gaurd unit, having a history stretching back to the Revolutionary War, recently returned from Iraq. So to honor the real soldiers, we lined up in two ranks and presented arms as they all filed in to be reunited with their families. Unfortunately, as a participant, I was unable to catch that particular moment on film. Hopefully someone will come forward with pictures 21st century soldiers surrounded by those of the 19th.
Col. David In two ranks...waiting Major Magargle and Lieutenant Johnson Stacked arms
Bob Bachmann The 67th's delegation The 61st NY ...for the Officers
...for the Enlisted The Kingston Armory