Smithtown Heritage Festival
Smithtown Historical Society
Smithtown, NY
September 16, 2007

Whereas we're always cursed in the Spring, for some unfathomable reason we always have brilliant weather at the Smithtown Historical Society's Heritage Country Fair. We fielded six men this year (three having camped overnight) and performed our living history routine of drill, firing, and interacting with the audience. Attendance seemed much higher than last year as we were constantly talking with the public. Our Rebel adversaries were thin in ranks however we still managed to give the public a demo of 'skirmishing' in the middle of the day.
Our Sergeant cleaning up Pvt Neall and Grandson Lining up for drill MUSTER ROLL
'Right wheel Flying Pvt Foley's flag About to give the order to fire Another angle
Yet another right wheel Ready to break ranks The Corporal's bread box The Blue and the Green
Firing off a volley 1860s style baseball Birds of Prey The Antique Car Show
Live Music Clash of the Centuries One last pose Rebel mealtime