Civil War Encampment at Smithtown Historical Society
Smithtown, NY
May 20, 2005

For the second year, the Smithtown Historical Society invited the local Civil War Re-enacting community to teach over 1,500 children the Civil War soldier's daily life. Participating were the 10th New York Cavalry, 9th Virginia, the 119th New York, the 57th Virginia, one Confederate surgeon, and one Confederate artillery piece...but of course, saving the day, the 67th New York sent the largest delegation with nearly 10 men on our muster roll.
The 10th New York Cavalry Guarding the Cavalry's camp Casey and Smokey Sgt. Farr and his shebang
Union men lining up for drill Union camp and flags The Captain instructing... Musicians from the 119th
The cavalry prepares to charge The 67th New York's newest recruit The Rebel artillery gets ready Smokey and the Confederate Artillery