Civil War Encampment at Smithtown Historical Society
Smithtown, NY
May 14-15, 2004
This year the largest school program of the season was held at Smithtown Historical Society and included nearly every Civil War Reenacting unit in the NYC/LI area. Six hours and 1,200 kids later, we are happy to report that casualties were slight.
Man the Barricades! Members of the 10th New York Cavalry The Peanut Gallery The Captain and the Clerk
Slaving over a campfire Pvt Robert Marshall struck by a Rebel's bullet new recruits out for drill
the boys are marching a batch of new recruits A picture for posterity... the 10th New York Cavalry
Reserving strength Morning Breakfast with Bruce Pvt Kent's turn
Pvt Marshall Stacked arms and Colors flying Cpl O'Brien demonstrating our musketry Yankee reconnaissance of the enemy
The 57th Virginia Killed in the line of duty Our dear Sarge