Civil War Encampment
Smithtown Historical Society
Smithtown, NY
May 21 - 22, 2010

The Best Weather Thus Far... reigned upon our usual annual 'mudfest' that is the Smithtown Historical Society's school program. Not a drop of rain to be seen. Filling out the Confederate side: the 9th, 30th, & 57th Virginia with Jackson's Flying Artillery and Dr. Michael Callaghan's hospital. As for the Union, the 67th NY stood alone with the 10th New York Cavalry in support. To hide the disparity in numbers we had two skirmish battles with us hiding in the woods and taking on the approaching Rebel battlefront. It actually worked! We have no right to call ourselves even pretend soldiers if we can't be resourceful
Sgt Tom of the 10th NY Union Camp The First Wave Conclave of the Captains
The Corporal Assists Lunch Period or Period Lunch? The Cavalry Demo The Cavalry Demo
Better Aim Jackson's Flying Artillery FIRE!!! The 30th Virginia
The 9th Virginia Ms. Diane's Stew The View from Enemy Lines Loading & Firing
Loading & Firing Our Loaner Drummer Boy Combined Virginia Forces Taking the Shade
Aging yet Sturdy MUSTER ROLL Our National unfurled Our Evening Meal
Entertaining the Boy Scouts Entertaining the Boy Scouts I'm crushing your head! Corporal Farr