Civil War Encampment at Smithtown Historical Society
Smithtown, NY
May 19-21, 2006

Mother Nature was very tempramental the weekend of our annual encampment at Smithtown Historical Society. Continuous rain on Friday forced us to improvise indoors and true to our resourcefullness we managed to cram the infantry inside the Society's large Brush Barn and still give the kids a good show. Our sole attempt to do some firing outdoors only enraged Mother Nature further so we were forced to retreat indoors yet again. We had better luck on Sunday morning when the premises were open to the general public. Despite the unpredictable weather, all the local units participating this season kept a high degree of morale as well their wits.
Our First Sergeant lays out his gear The 67th NY stakes its claim A very dismounted cavalry The 7th Louisiana Field Hospital
Chasseurs of the 14th Brooklyn THE ROGUE'S GALLERY The Sergeant's crutch The Cavalry and top brass
Sgt George Farr The curious student and hardtack More poseurs Sun on Sunday
To all recruits... SUNDAY'S MUSTER ROLL Our 'Cookie', Brian Niessing Testing the Sergeant's crutch