Rocky Point St. Patrick's Day Parade
Rocky Point, NY
March 14, 2010

As with most years we were prepared to perform our typical two Saint Patrick's Day parades back to back with Westhampton Beach on the Saturday (March 13th) followed by Rocky Point (March 14) however a killer Noreaster put paid to those plans, postponing Saturday's parade and seriously jeapordizing our march on Sunday. Fortunately, despite the felled trees and massive power outages, the show still went on at Rocky Point and we only had to deal with a fine mist as we walked almost two miles along Jericho Turnpike. We certainly had an appetite when we arrived at Hartlin's Inn afterwards for our free corned beef sandwiches.
New Man with the Regimental Our Freshest Fish Deciding to press on Still a good turn out
TIE YOUR LACES! Sergeant & Corporal MUSTER ROLL Afterwards at the Hartlin...
Supervising officer Support Arms ELEVATE! Loading
LEVEL YOUR MUSKETS! Another round A free plug Independent Fire
A live one Too much smiling Posing with the owner The Lieutenant's new best friend