Neshaminy Reenactment
Neshaminy State Park
Bensalem, PA
May 1 - 2, 2010

This year's reenactment at Neshaminy fell a little later than usual and on a brutally hot & humid weekend that gave a brutal shock to the system this early in the season. There were many a casualty in the ranks on Saturday and our medical corps was probably never busier. Yet we all managed to persevere and finish the weekend that was mercifully edited for the circumstances. The 67th NY fielded eight men falling in with the 61st NY to form Fifth Company. This was also the first 'Seeing of the Elephant' for our Freshest Fish, David Courtenay. Special thanks to fellow Long Islander, Eric Seemann, who visited our camp and provided us with excellent photos of Saturday's battle.
Sunrise on the Company street First Sgt Marshall The Garibaldi Guard Loitering
Stacked arms Doug Grunn's musicians the 14th Brooklyn the U.S. Sharpshooters
Field Music Opening the ranks for Dress Parade Inspecting Muskets Presenting Arms for the Colonel
Battalion in marching column Column of Companies Column of Companies Forming Square
Marching back to Camp Pvt Patrick Clarke The Confederates Through the Tall Grass
A Wandering Chaplain Getting into gear Cavalry Before Infantry The 9th VA
Fifth Company into Skirmish Line Confederate Volleys Not Knowing Any Better The Colonel's Direction