Living History on Governors Island
New York, NY
August 12, 2006

The National Park Service invited the 119th NY to perform a Living History encampment on Governors Island in New York Harbor so as the enlighten the city on the Island's role during the hostilities. We were to represent the 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, battle-hardened veterans sent straight from Gettysburg to Gotham to help quell the Draft Riots that wracked the city in July 1863. The 8th OH arrived too late to assist the city however they left enough details of their stay to give us role for today. The 67th NY sent two of its own to this event and what splendid weather we did have that day. If only every event could have a clime as perfect as this...
Whitehall Station Governors Ilsand from the ferry Statue of Liberty Ellis Island
Lower Manhattan from the Ferry Castle Williams The Hosptial Stacked arms
Rob Weber of the 119th NY Taking a breather 'A' tents Colonel's Row Green
First Platoon Rob Weber addressing the First Platoon A reporter from the Village Voice Barnet Schecter, author of The Devil's Own Work
Fort Jay Pershing Hall Pershing Hall Pershing Hall
Musicians from the 119th NY Fixing lunch 'First Person' impression of the 8th Ohio the 14th CT
Mark Adler and Guy Smith Staten Island Ferry Castle Williams The higher echelon
Old time baseball Carolyn Evans Pvt Kent and Lieutenant Farr 19th and 21st centuries