Mifflin Guard Living History Encampment
Gettysburg National Park
July 7 - 8, 2007

On Friday, we hired a true professional, Tim Smith, to give us a guided tour of the field concentrating on sites of the second day's battle including Devil's Den and Little Round Top. As for the Living History...much to our delighted surprise, the Mifflin Guard outdid its record attendance from last year and fielded over 180 men in eight companies for this weekend. The 67th NY fell in with the 81st Pennsylvania to form sixth company under the command of Captain Scott Kuchta. After last year's absence, Scott Hartwig of the National Park Service returned to use us for their 'Ranger Walks' program whereby we re-enact the movements of a regiment for the general public and they fall in with us to follow in our footsteps. This year we imitated Willard's Brigade and their march along Cemetery Ridge to beat back the Confederate advance the second day. Casualties were mercifully low despite the obstacles and heat. And the two fresh fish in our ranks performed very well for their first time on the road.
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Tim Smith and LRT Hidden Treasure Posing with General Warren Devil's Den
Confederate Sharpshooter? Scene stealing Running Rock Pleasanton Avenue
Corporal Casey and PA Monument The 26th and 81st PA Resting in the shade The Return of Mr. Phelps
A bigger band Record Attendance Our company Our Battalion
Colums of Four Keeping Pace In the Fields The Major's brief appearance