140th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg
Gettysburg, PA
August 8-10, 2003

Relentless rain during the Spring forced the organizers of Gettysburg 140 to push the dates forward a month to early August. Needless to say, the rescheduling impacted attendance and of the original dozen from the 67th NY that signed up, only one, your correspondent, was able to attend by falling in with the 61st NY. Still, the numbers were impressive despite the switch and the 61st NY proved to be very generous hosts indeed.
A Vast Sea of Bluebellies On the March David Kincaid and a Rabid Fan from the 61st NY Resting in Camp
Lining Up for the First Battle Oak Ridge Scenario Straggler from the 67th NY Waiting, Waiting...
Smoke in the Wheatfield View of a Bluebelly Corpse Rebels Approaching View of the Spectators
The 61st NY (with straggler) Culp's Hill Scenario The Camp Awakens Lieutenants of the 61st NY
National Standard of the 61st NY !!!Gambling on a Sunday!!! Rebel Camp