Fourth of July Parade
Patchogue, NY
July 4, 2006

After a three-year absence, the 67th NY returned to march in Patchogue's Fourth of July Parade with the 119th NY. Your Correspondent was still in Gettysburg at the time however the men informed me it was brutally hot as always. At no other parade do we get the same kind of ovation from the audience who are no doubt amazed at our ability to stand up much less march dressed head to toe in wool. "Yes, folks... we are hot in these uniforms". Special thanks to fellow member Dave Schnupp plus Rob Walker of the 119th NY for providing these photos.
Dennis and Brian The band awaits Still waiting in the insufferable heat Stacked arms
The Lieutenant Starting to line up Support arms Marching down Main Street
And then the Band the Color Guard the rank and file Another successful march