Mifflin Guard NCO Officer School at Fort Mifflin
Philadelphia, PA
February 9, 2008

This season the Mifflin Guard decided to hold NCO Officer School at Fort Mifflin so as to shake off the rust and teach those that had just earned their stripes proper conduct on the field. Colonel Washburn taught class in the Hospital that lies outside the Fort's walls. Six of us attended including the newly promoted First Sergeant, Second Sergeant, and Corporal. And although still a Private, EJ was temporarily breveted as Corporal so he could attend and he amply proved his worth by spending not one but two nights in haunted casement Number Five. When class ended in the late afternoon, we all had the chance to have a stroll about the grounds. Also included on this album are a few pictures of our stomping ground, the Grange in Sayville NY, covered in a blanket of snow that merited a mention on this site.
At the Main Gate The Bravest Private Interior Decorating The Colonel's Inspection
Musical Pop Quiz The New Sergeant Rogues Gallery Playing Blacksmith
MUSTER ROLL All Quiet on the Delaware Fort Mifflin All along the Ramparts
Safety First! One last picture Winter Wonderland The Caretaker's House
The windmill The New statue Will wonders never cease? Ice cream!!!