146th Anniversary: Battle of Cedar Creek
Middletown, VA
October 16 - 17, 2010

This year the weather was considerably better... sunny, but with some ferocious winds. Fortuitously, the Mifflin Guard was moved at last minute to a sheltered gulley that protected us from the gusts that left many freezing and picking up stray canvass. The 67th NY fielded seven men, three of them Fresh Fish who were 'Seeing the Elephant' for their fist time. We fell in with the usual suspects (61st and 125th NY) to form Third Company which also served as Color Company. The one conspicuous casualty was Colonel Scott Washburn who took ill last minute necesitating Lt. Col. David to take control of the Guard.
Morning in Third Company's camp Infantry Officers Confederate cavalry Confederate Cavalry drill
Confederate Infantry drill First Time on Sutlers Row The Village Tinsmith At the End of the Street
Under the Company Fly Absolution The U.S. Volunteers Colors Rising
Skirmishers Deployed Courier making haste Sgt Kent Bigger than Life
Thick of Battle First Dinner The 61st NY Artillery Array
A Cautionary Tale Sihlouettes at Sunset Bacon, Eggs, & Toast Morning Roll Call