145th Anniversary: Battle of Cedar Creek
Middletown, VA
October 17 - 18, 2009

For an anniversary year attendance was expected to be greater however the threatening weather kept numbers down to that of an 'normal' year. Fortunately, the forecasted washout never happened. We had light rain but not the freezing temperatures of previous years. The 67th NY had a Muster Roll of eight men and we combined forces with the 125th NY to form the First of the Mifflin Guard's four companies. As for anniversaries, Ed Marchan of the 125th celebrated his 80th birthday on the battlefield. We also celebrated the return of descendant Ed Yaw & his family and that of General Tony Daniels to the command of Union forces. We had a good run at the Sutlers with three of us getting photos done by Robert J. Szabo that will soon make their appearance on our CDV page.
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The First Casualty Nocturnal Roll Call First Sgt Marshall Drilling the Fresh Fish
Morning coffee Uncle Phil Pennsylvania Boys Confederate skirmishers
Scrambling Second Company Ed Yaw pays a visit Into the Pumpkin Choosing the Design
Our Old Regimental The Resilient National Three Generations of Yaws Ed & Corporal Kent
Colonel Scott Washburn Lunch with the 125th NY Group Photo On with the Ponchos