144th Anniversary: Battle of Cedar Creek
Middletown, VA
October 17 - 19, 2008

We were ten men strong for this year's trip to Cedar Creek. In fact, we had the same contingent as last year with the addition of Fresh Fish, Pvt Matt Avellino. The Mifflin Guard fielded four companies, our Third Company comprising the 61st, 67th, and 125th NY regiments. Given the shifting around of camps due to the disallowance of Belle Grove we all felt a little 'squeezed' however we were resourceful and made the most of it. In a rare move, we brought both our National and Regimental flags out with us, the National being carried into battle by our Color Sergeant. Unfortunately, our photographer, Ed Yaw, was not present to take his usual phenomenal photos of the battles however Your Correspondent did his best to capture the good time had by all.
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Buckle Up the General Camp Established View from Valley Pike Roasting with Ramrods
Savoring Dinner All Carved Up Taking Muster Roll Dawn over the Color Sergeant
Pvt Speight Pvt Neall Two Privates and a Corporal The Kitchen Next Door
The Long Absent Regimental Pvt Avellino Uncle Phil is Ready Colonel David
The Privates are Ready Battalion Drills Battalion Drills Skirmish Drill
Skirmish Drill Your Correspondent Tattered and Torn Snoozing Before Battle