142st Anniversary: Battle of Cedar Creek
Middletown, VA
October 20 - 22, 2006

This year the 67th NY sent its largest contingent ever to Cedar Creek. Fifteen men total made our muster roll and that wasn't including our two guests from the 119th NY who fell in with us for battle. We formed third company with the 61st NY who also sent a mighty large party this year. Saturday's scenario was the Battle of Third Winchester while Sunday's was the Battle of Cedar Creek itself. Apart from some transport troubles, we had a fine weekend, great weather, and were kept well fed by our "Cookie".
Friday night around the fire A close up Stoking the fire Splitting wood
Master of the Commissary NOT THE MUSTER ROLL Cedar Creek The National Regiment
A new flag Still trying to get it right Musket cleaning lesson Colonel Washburn
Major Magargle The enlisted men Rolling their own Fire's gone out
EJ's creations Baseball before battle Our banner once again Officers of the Mifflin Guard
Your Correpondent Giddy with delight A little more pensive What, me worried?
Our artillery opens fire Our favorite chore MUSTER ROLL Who let the trash in?