141st Anniversary: Battle of Cedar Creek
Middletown, VA
October 14-16, 2005

For this year's battle, the 67th NY fell in with the 28th PA to form the Mifflin Guard's 2nd Company. Saturday's scenario was the Battle of Fishers Hill while the battle of Cedar Creek was held on Sunday. Given the relentless rain covering the Northeast for much of the preceding week, we were all grateful for the clear, cool, and sunny respite Mother Nature provided for this weekend. Ed Yaw, one of the descendants of the Original 67th, also paid us a visit and provided several photos of Saturday's battle scenario.
Dawn on the Company Street Flags of our sister regiments Rare is the time... Pride of the 61st NY
Your correspondent Getting the traps on First Company lining up Our top brass
The enemy bearing musical instruments Pvt Hanson and Pvt Jones Volunteering for Color Guard Cpls Marshall and Casey
the Rebels start massing The Rebel skirmish line Peace before mayhem Union skirmishers
A close-up of the Rebels The Mifflin Guard responds the Guard keeps the lead flying The Mifflin Guard marches forward
Other batallions in action Lucifer T Daniels as Sheridan Mifflin Guard marches back to camp Who's still loaded?