140th Anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Creek
Middletown, VA
October 15-17, 2004

On this year's trip to Cedar Creek, the 67th was fortunate enough to meet a relation of one of the original soldiers. Ed Yaw, direct descendant of Lieutenant Ed Yaw, visited during Saturday's event. Since then Mr. Yaw has provided invaluable historical information to our regiment as well as morale.
Life begins stirring Making breakfast Making breakfast Freshest Fish
Sgt Collins Camp of the Mifflin Guard Morning Drill ...and more drill
...and yet more drill One last clean line Muster Roll of the 67th New York Special Guest...
Rebels engaged on horseback Union troops pursue the Rebs Union cannon crews Cannon and caisson
The Rebel ranks line up Union and Rebel lines exchanging fire The advancing Rebels The General rallies the Union troops
Casualties of War The Backs of the Rebellious The Rebel Cavalry at work Cookie fixing dinner for the troops
Our weary Sergeant Tom and Ryan Creamer Saturday night around the campfire Lining up for Sunday's battle
Battle rages in the distance The Cavalry takes its turn Colonel Washburn and his Officers