Civil War Reenactment at Old Bethpage Village Restoration
Old Bethpage, NY
July 21 - 22, 2007

Not only did we have brilliant weather for the annual Civil War Reenacment at Old Bethpage Village Restoration but we also fielded our largest company thus far. Thanks to the lads of the 61st NY who braved the summer traffic on the Jersey Turnpike and Long Island Expressway our numbers swelled to nearly twenty for each day. Our camp was sited in a far better location than previous years and attendance by the public was unsurpassed. The incessant waves of tourists crashing through our camps kept us on our toes more than the Rebs. Unfortunately, save for one lone horseman, we had no Cavalry again this year however the 119th NY, 14th Brooklyn, plus all the local Rebel regiments showed up in full force.
The First Casualty First Call Just before Dress Parade Our old neighbors
The 14th Brooklyn Thrown out as skirmishers Terrance and Jeff The artillery rolls in
Rebel infantry The Red Legged Devils Lunchtime Meet the Ringers
The Lone Horseman SATURDAY'S MUSTER ROLL Blind leading the blind Our formidable redoubt
The morning meal Captain and the Sergeant The Sergeant and the Flag Man Fred and his mistress
Jim the Iron Chef Dave merrily marches in Lets talk to the animals Pvt Neall at the ready
And Pvt Jamieson Your Correspondent Mr. Brink and Brink the Younger Showing the regimental