Annual Civil War Reenactment
Old Bethpage Restoration Village
Old Bethpage, NY
July 22-23, 2006

This year's event fell the same weekend as the 145th Bull Run reenactment in Virginia. Most of our local cavalry opted to attend that event leaving the field to the infantry and two cannon (courtesy of Jackson's Flying artillery). Like last year, the 119th NY, 52nd NY, 14th Brooklyn plus ourselves camped at the Powell Farm. Unlike last year, the weather was brutally hot and humid making the periodic burst of torrential rain most welcome. Our First Sergeant made his debut as breveted Lieutenant and lead our company on Saturday while Your Correspondent was bumped up in rank from Private to Corporal. Despite the rough conditions, we perservered the full weekend and made the most of the situation.
Our chef A feast for the mosquitos Pvt Purcell Satisfied customers
Dress Parade Lone Cavalry resting before heading out for battle Rebels and 119th NY engage
Our breveted Lieutenant takes shelter Braver souls The Middle Ground Terrance and TJ
The new Corporal Taking aim at imaginary rebels SATURDAY'S MUSTER ROLL Private EJ is greeted by his family
Dinner and Muskets Bruce entertains a family TJ checks on Sunday's breakfast skillygalee
It was this big
Pvt Jamieson Captain Moriarty Ceremony for Tommy Brancella
Lining up Frank Ruiz of the 14th Brooklyn and Mark Adler of the 119th NY Following the previous day's scenario The Vierling Brothers
Skirmish drill the 67th thrown out as skirmishers Our fearsome Lieutenant