The Battle for Round Swamp
Old Bethpage Restoration Village
Old Bethpage, NY
July 23-24, 2005

Our unit was invited by the 119th NY to their homestead at Old Bethpage Village for their third annual Civil War Re-enactment, an event that draws re-enactors from all over LI and NYC. The weekend's scenario revolved around the fictional southern Pennsylvania town of Round Swamp in the Summer of '63 when Lee's forces once again invaded northwards. The 67th NY acted independently as street fighters but we fell in with our fellow bluebellies of the 119th NY, 52nd NY, 14th Brooklyn, and 10th NY Cavalry to drive the 9th VA, 57th VA, and Jackson's Artillery from the town. Since your correspondent was in the thick of battle, there was little time to capture the action on camera. For a more exciting set of battle stills, click on PAGE TWO.
Morning's view of Union Camp The 14th Brooklyn Best weather... Our next-door neighbors
Not even noon-time Home on the road for Pvt EJ a break from street-fighting Our First Sgt. and his shebang
The ever present Pvt Casey Taking in a floor-show Sitting down to Saturday night dinner David Kincade
Sleeping campaign style Your correspondent Sunday morning breakfast Pvt Purcell (Dennis Phelps)
Pvt Purcell and Pvt Jones Taking cover from Rebel Cavalry Pvt Kuhlmann takes a head wound Pvt Purcell soldiers on
Blunt force trauma Combined Union forces ready Pvt Kent (your correspondent) falls back NO smiling in the ranks