Camp Morgan: Living History Encampment
Old Bethpage Restoration Village
Old Bethpage, NY
July 20-21, 2002

The 119th NY invited all local units to their grounds at Old Bethpage Restoration Village to imitate an early war Union camp christened 'Camp Morgan'. No Rebels were present and therefore, no fighting. Nevertheless, despite the lack of action, we did our best to make the monotony of camp life entertaining for the paying public.
Lining up the Commissary Stacked Arms Layabouts... Telling Tall Tales...
Band of the 119th New York Sentries standing fast The Fifth New York Infantry (Zouaves) Pvt. Kenny outside his home
10th New York Cavalry Arrival of Corporal Farr Pictures at Dawn ...Cavalry's Pride and Joy
The Band rousing the soldiers... Resting under the Captain's Fly Mail Call 10th New York Calvary Demonstration
10th New York Calvary Demonstration Mail Call